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CVK Technologies Private Limited (CVK) is incorporated in the year 2007 with an innovative ideology. CVK is promoted by Mr. K. C. Venkateswarlu with a team of Technocrats. CVK builds Infrastructure facilities to IT & ITES companies under IRM (Infrastructure Rental Model). CVK has partnered with TCS to provide 10,000 Seater facilities for their Online Examination Centers under IRM (Infrastructure Rental Model). Further CVK is now developing a 50 Acre of Electronic Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) in front of International Airport Main Gate, Hyderabad. This EMC is equipped with all the Plug and Play facilities required for Electronic Manufacturing Units, Defense R&D Units and other New Technology Units aligning with the Prime Minister’s “Make in India” Program. CVK associated through equity partnership with IB HUBS INDIA LTD, which is building about 500 Start up HUBS throughout the country. CVK will build all its Infrastructure and Technical needs.

As the Electronics INDUSTRY poised to grow Hundred Times from the present stage in the coming 10 years, CVK’s VISION is to develop about 20 Million Square Feet of Electronic Manufacturing Clusters (EMC) with Plug & Play facilities in 10 Tier I and Tier II Cities throughout INDIA to attract the Domestic and International Electronic Manufacturing Units. CVK is creating all facilities like Plug & Play, Warehousing, Packing & Forwarding, GST House, Conference Rooms, Office Spaces, Common recreation Facilities, Skill Development Centers etc at one place in the EMC.

CVK has its Corporate Office at Hyderabad, with a Strong and Experienced Management Team of people who have a vast experience in the fields of Infrastructure Facilities Management, IT & ITES Infrastructure Development, Setting of Electronic Manufacturing Zones and Warehousing Zones. CVK has specialty Teams in Finance Management, Skill Development, Resolution Teams, Legal Management, Providing Operational Management for Sick Companies.

Mr. K C Venkateshwarlu

Promoter and Chairman.

The Core Strengths of CVK are as follows

  • Building Infrastructure facilities to IT and ITES Sectors
  • Development of Electronic Manufacturing Clusters
  • Manufacturing of Electronics Equipment & Power Systems
  • Development of Warehouse & Logistic parks


The Promoter Directors of the company are committed to bring their vast experience to the table and unstintingly devote their full time and energy to make the Company a success. Directors are personally and directly involved in the day-to-day running of the operations. They are capitalizing their experience and relations in the industry to create new Business opportunities to the Company.


The Promotee-Director and Chairman

Has more than two decades experience in the field of IT & ITES Infrastructure, Manufacturing of Electronic Equipment and is a respected specialist in the field of resolution of stressed assets from Financial Institutions. He is a visionary and pioneer in this field. With his vast experience, knowledge, strong inter-personal relations & networking abilities with leaders and decision makers in the respective fields helps in identifying opportunities and converting them into successful closures. Has transformed CVK GROUP into a diversified Multi-Faceted group with various activities to insulate the group’s business against market risks. Having travelled extensively to China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, UAE & Middle East and Africa to understand and explore business opportunities in the fields of Infrastructure facilities, Electronic Manufacturing Clusters, Warehouse & Logistics Management, helped in developing good relations with many Electronic Manufacturing Companies, Commodities Trading Companies, E-commerce companies, Shipping and Stevedoring Companies, Infrastructure and Township Developers.



Sriharsha kosana is an Engineering graduate from CBIT , Hyderabad. He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer who has been exposed to Manufacturing of Electronics & Hardware Equipment. He has developed specialty skills in Designing & Development of various Electronic Devices as per the requirement of Consuming Companies. He developed a Core Electronic R&D Team to develop Electronic Devices for New Technologies.



Shravani kosana is an MBA graduate. She worked as HR Lead in INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES LTD and gained huge experience in Management of Human Resources. She developed her Skills in Skill Development, Human Resources Training and IT Out Sourcing. She is taking care of the needs of Finance Planning, Project Management and Acquisition of Assets of the Company in addition to HR Management.


TCS Online Examination Centers

CVK developed a 3192 seater Online Examination Centre at Moulali Hyderabad and leased it out to TCS for their ION ZONE. It has been started operations for the last one year and Awarded as the BEST ONLINE EXAMINATION CENTRE of AP & Telangana States.CVK proposes to develop another 7000 Seater Online Examination Centers to TCS at various other cities in the country.

Development of Electronic Manufacturing Clusters

CVK has acquired 50 Acres of Prime Land quite opposite the Main Gate of International Airport, Hyderabad. This Land is located adjacent to HCL Technologies & Tata Tele Services, Agakhan Academy and is a part of Hardware Park. CVK is proposed to develop ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING CLUSTER (EMC) in the 50 Acres of Land with Built Up Space of about 2 Million Square Feet. This EMC is equipped with all the Plug & Play facilities required for Electronic Manufacturing Units, Defense R&D Units and other New Technology Units aligning with the Prime Minister’s “Make in India” Program.

Electronics Unit

CVK has recently acquired one of the leading Electronics & Power Equipment Manufacturing Services Company which is located at Hardware Park, Hyderabad. The facility has got state of art of Pick and Place CNC Machines Production Line with Clean Room Technologies. This Facility has the capabilities of Manufacturing of the High-End Consumer Products and High Volume modular electronics which gets integrated into Consumer products.

Development of Warehouse & Logistic Parks

CVK with experience of development of IT and ITES Facilities, company is now looking into the aspect of futuristic requirements of Warehouse facilities in Post GST Scenarios. CVK vision is to develop about 20 Million Square Feet of Warehousing Space in 10 Tier I and Tier II Cities in India adjacent to Major National Highways, Major Rail Roads and High Seas Ports. The Company has Conceived and Developed Unique Model of Multi-Faceted Warehouse and Logistics parks which will have the specialized and 360 Degrees facilities. These Warehousing Parks will cater to the needs of Various E-commerce Companies, C&F Stockiest, Commodity Traders and Manufacturing companies across Pan India.


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